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Interested in being one of our vendors?
Please read our Mission Statement below and if you are still interested in becoming a vendor, fill out the application form to the right of the Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

Thank you for considering membership to Bridal Showcase. We are a very different Bridal Show in that we are a vendor co-op overseen by a volunteer board. No one profits from this show and all money collected is spent on advertising and producing the shows.  After becoming a member you will receive treasurer reports at each show accounting for how the money is disbursed.

Our shows are held on Tuesday Evenings from 6-8p.m. usually in January, April, July and October. Please see the website for exact dates.

We only allow two vendors per category in our show. Sometimes this can be tricky if your business crosses into other categories. Please state clearly what business you will represent and feel free to contact us regarding this policy.

You can fill out an application by clicking on the link to the right.

Application for membership is not an automatic acceptance and must be reviewed according to our by-laws by the board. If you are approved then we will collect the $50 membership fee. You will be asked to agree to a comittment of 4 shows a year at $90 in dues for each show.  

Bridal Showcase is a great opportunity to meet prospective brides and
can be an asset to your business. We are very proud to give these
prospective brides great service, great products and above all,

When this application is presented to the board of Bridal Showcase,
it is assumed that you have read and signed the agreement and reviewed
the by-laws and will abide by their rules.

We would like to invite you to any of our bridal shows so that you
may meet the membership, become familiar with the show and get some
ideas for setting up your booth.

Thank you for considering Bridal Showcase for membership!


The Board and Officers of Bridal Showcase

Membership Application

If accepted you will agree to participate in the Bridal Showcase 4 yearly shows. There will be a $75 non-refundable membership fee payable when signing the agreement. Dues of $90 (includes $10 per show for door prizes) payable to Bridal Showcase will required to be paid at each show, with a 7-day grace period following each show. If you are unable to attend one of the shows your dues must be paid within 7 days of the show date and failure to pay within these specified times will result in a $35 late fee. If the dues and applicable late fees are not received 30 days after the show, the membership will terminate. You may re-apply for membership by filling out another application with a $75 non-refundable membership fee.

Members who are in arrears will not receive the leads list. Failure to abide by the By-Laws or of any rule or regulation, or of any policies adopted by the board of directors will result in expulsion.

Although Bridal Showcase, at this time, does not require individual off-site insurance, it is recommended that you purchase it.

Busness Category:
Category:  (Note--many categories already have their limit of 
two vendors -- photographers and bridal shops for example)

Have you worked or been associated with a member
of Bridal Showcase?   

This application is a formal introduction to the membership of Bridal Showcase. Completion of this application is not an automatic acceptance.